Marco: Pilot’s profile

Aeromodelling since 1974

Member of modelling groups: MG Schaffhausen (member of honour), GAM Lausanne, GAM Dizy

Achievements in F5

  • Swiss Champion: F5D (2001), F5C (2001), F5B (2008,2010)
  • Since 2001 member of the F5B National TeamF5B
  • Participation in F5B world championships: 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014
  • F5B Team medals: 2002 Bronce, 2004 Silver, 2010 GOLD, 2014 Bronce Team Worldchampion F5B 2010 with Thomas Wäckerlin and Patrick Häusler


Member of: 10326AeCS_2 SMVlogo


For the 2016 Worldchampionship in Lugo Italy I can count on:

Logo FSV_4c for financial support

Leomotion Mag_216x50 1_8 Kopie for the fantastic motors and batteries

Arwico for supporting me with futaba-logo radio gear

castle for the great brushless controllers, Castle Air Team pilot